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    About Lucinda Lewis

    A childhood fascination with cars and airplanes has resulted in Lucinda Lewis becoming one of the world’s premier automotive visionaries. Lewis’s eclectic career inhabits the rarified intersection of cars, content and computer code.

    In addition to producing and archiving photographs, videos and information infused with a passion for preserving automotive culture, Lewis is a consultant on media metadata and semantic technologies including the emerging computer standards for autonomous driving.

    Media content may be licensed by contacting customerservice@carculture.com or through the Getty Images web portals. 

    Lewis's artistic work has appeared in numerous publications and advertising campaigns, and her published works include

    American Cars, Power Behind the Wheel, Porsche: The Fine Art of the Sports Car, Roadside America: The Automobile and the American Dream, The Dashboard and Chevrolet Bel Air: Car Culture Classics.



      Find her on Twitter at @carculture.