Notification sounds on our mobile phones are a driving distraction. This is the powerful message delivered in a new video by Porsche.

Mark Webber gets off the track in a 911 GT3 Cup

Response to sounds is part of our innate survival mechanism. You didn't last long in the wild unless you were responsive to untoward noise. That panther slipping up on you might just snap a dry twig.

More and more drivers now ignore sounds that were put in place by OEMs years ago to alert drivers to buckle seat belts, be aware of people walking behind your car as seen by backup cameras etc.

This video reminds us to turn notification volume OFF on devices while you drive.

Several years ago I shot several productions from the back seat of a convertible while driving through Los Angeles. It was shocking to see how many people were doing something other than watching the road while driving through the city. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the percentage of distracted drivers must be even higher.

Moving the 1911 FIAT S76 from a London street to the lobby of the Royal Automobile Club proves to be no easy feat.

Shining like a jewel in Gringotts Wizarding Bank, this Goodwood article about maneuvering the 1911 FIAT S76 into London's Royal Automobile Club stood out amidst today's news surrounding the many automotive engineering feats debuting at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

I'm not sure how much the chain-driven "Beast of Turin" weighs, but one look at the behemoth leads me to believe it must be around two tons. Imagine pondering how to move a car of that size and weight through the revolving doors of a private club on London's Pall Mall and up one floor. Although I've supervised teams transporting rare automobiles to numerous photo locations, I've never encountered a problem quite like this. Best read the story in case you two are faced with a similar Laurel and Hardy problem.