Porsche driver Mark Webber at work in new video

Notification sounds on our mobile phones are a driving distraction. This is the powerful message delivered in a new video by Porsche. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B61-eYuvpaI

Mark Webber gets off the track in a 911 GT3 Cup

Response to sounds is part of our innate survival mechanism. You didn't last long in the wild unless you were responsive to untoward noise. That panther slipping up on you might just snap a dry twig.

More and more drivers now ignore sounds that were put in place by OEMs years ago to alert drivers to buckle seat belts, be aware of people walking behind your car as seen by backup cameras etc.

This video reminds us to turn notification volume OFF on devices while you drive.

Several years ago I shot several productions from the back seat of a convertible while driving through Los Angeles. It was shocking to see how many people were doing something other than watching the road while driving through the city. With the proliferation of mobile devices, the percentage of distracted drivers must be even higher.

Lucinda Lewis
Lucinda Lewis


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