How to move 1911 28-Litre FIAT S76 Display inside RAC? Wench it!

Moving the 1911 FIAT S76 from a London street to the lobby of the Royal Automobile Club proves to be no easy feat.

Shining like a jewel in Gringotts Wizarding Bank, this Goodwood article about maneuvering the 1911 FIAT S76 into London's Royal Automobile Club stood out amidst today's news surrounding the many automotive engineering feats debuting at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show.

I'm not sure how much the chain-driven "Beast of Turin" weighs, but one look at the behemoth leads me to believe it must be around two tons. Imagine pondering how to move a car of that size and weight through the revolving doors of a private club on London's Pall Mall and up one floor. Although I've supervised teams transporting rare automobiles to numerous photo locations, I've never encountered a problem quite like this. Best read the story in case you two are faced with a similar Laurel and Hardy problem.

Lucinda Lewis
Lucinda Lewis


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