iPhone on Wheels. Apple iCar and BMW

Apple could win Europe's heart by aligning with BMW.

Germany could add new muscle to European efforts to tame Google's internet dominance by aligning with Apple in the rumored production of a new electric Apple iCar. The European Union filed anti-trust violations against Google in May and has often voiced their disapproval of Google's privacy policies. Now comes rumors that German prowess in automobile production might align with the mighty Apple product machine. Result: an automobile produced as a venture between Apple and BMW. Apple will gain marketshare in Europe, BMW will scale their manufacturing.

BMW's innovative use of carbon fiber materials and it's all-electric transmission used in the BMW i3, are specifications widely believed to be key design elements of the Apple iCar. As the automobile morphs into an iPhone on wheels, an Apple-BMW collaboration would be a successful strategic match on many levels.

The alliance could accelerate the production of a street-ready driverless iCar significantly. Apple certainly has the cash to devote to such an effort and has the audience to support the launch. BMW, long recognized as the ultimate niche market automobile manufacturer, could gain scale. But is it a good idea in the long run?

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Lucinda Lewis
Lucinda Lewis


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